Saturday, April 4, 2020


I see that the Chinese doctor who first reported on the Wuhan virus has vanished into thin air as did the first doctor to try to alert the authorities of the virus' existence. I find it interesting how they keep vanishing in the largest most comprehensive surveillance state in the world. Where did she go?

I think the virus was deliberately released into the wilds of Wuhan by the Chinese government and their intent was to have a virulent violently contagious disease spread out of control in an insignificant province before letting anybody outside know about it. By the time it was finally detected in the West the contagion there would be widespread and then China would announce that it too was suffering from the disease, most noticeably in Wuhan and Hubei Province and their backup stories about how America was somehow responsible would be taken as gospel by the worthless scumbags that make up American media.

In other words, the commissars are putting bullets into the heads of those responsible for letting the cat out of the bag early. They completely lost sight of the fact that they now live in an interconnected world and even though they threw Western journalists out of China according to plan, but too late to matter, the word got out long before their plan intended.

I think the Chinese government really really wanted Italy to take the fall as the genesis point for the disease and did their best to carry it off but responsible medical people not read into the government's plan spoiled the plan. Next time they'll be more careful and simply load containers stuffed with the organisms on container ships carrying Chinese cargo and send them to any port that still permits China to offload their cargoes.

China may have shot its imperial ambitions in the foot, or head. They rarely distinguish between either when shooting the peasants that make up 99.99% of that country. I expect their aim to improve as they gain practice.

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capt fast said...

now that the PLA knows it will work, one wonders which truly 100% deadly virus their labs will splice their modifications of covid-19 to increase it's ability to attack humans, as long as they can come up with a counter for the PLA leadership(perhaps denying it to pesky CCP leadership?). perhaps the good people of hong kong protesting the failed agreements with CCP lucked out in not getting the virus first. and Italy with it's concentrated chinese workforce in northern Italy is no doubt does look like a patsy ready made. What about africa?
I recall the PLA demonstrating it's willingness to sacrifice troops in the nineteen sixties above ground nuclear tests by marching a division of infantry thru ground zero only a few hours after the weapon detonation. to this day it is unknown if CCP agreed to that post detonation exercise in willful disregard of danger to the troops and as a show of power. it plainly made an impression on the russian's political and military leadership as a display of true ruthlessness not seen since stalin. but mao always made stalin look like a pussy when it came to killing his own people and protagonists alike.
Just the same, I wouldn't trust CCP to not agree to a more deadly virus development if not it's use.
What is the political counter to an attack with bioweapons? nukes? really? stopping trade or making trade with a nation attacking you with bioweapons untenable? What to do?