Monday, April 20, 2020


Talked to my older sister today. She professed outrage that people would now actually enter stores and shop without wearing a mask. I stopped twitting her long ago but I will ask; the CDC said the masks were no good - now they are Gods among mortals and can do no wrong and say, wear the mask.

The mask keeps you from infecting others but doesn't affect transmission of the disease for those who simply inhale the virus through a low quality no good not really a mask after all, is it, kind of masks that people shop with now so my wonderment revolves around the issue that makes me wonder every time I see a lonely walker strolling down a forest path, all alone save for the birds and invisible fish and wearing a mask, just to be on the safe side, why?

If you are terrified of a disease that appears no worse than the standard influenza, so beit, cower at home and be afraid. I don't get it.

People are sheep and the media really is the virus and the CDC, FDA and WHO really have screwed the pooch on this one over and over and over again.

What happens to those dangerous virus when they get more than 6 feet away from you? Interested breathers want to know.


Brig said...

Suddenly it has become unAmerican to not wear those silly masks. Are we really so needy of praise that we have to be among those making mask or we will be shunned by former friends.
I don't wear a mask unless I'm in a crowded situation, and then only if I'm required to. People continue to amaze me with their herd mentality...

capt fast said...

the face masks basicly prevent people from spitting on one another. won't stop a virus. virus is perhaps so small a guy would need an electron microscope to see it and the space between the fibers of a mask is an considerable greater size that wouldn't even slow a virus down.
a guy would be better served staying outdoors or in an extremely well ventilated room. some of the studies of airflow and particle propagation in a closed room from University of Tokyo are online with video, worth watching.
some of the masks I've seen are quite amusing and others look like a repurposed jockstrap or bra cup. just sayin.