Monday, April 20, 2020


Got to listen to NPR as I took Pokie the VW Jetta out for its first drive of the year today and heard some lamebrain Ph.D explaining that now was an excellent time for the governors of the states to close down the sale of tobacco because that would reduce the number of people going out and so reduce CHINA FLU cases even further below the number of Influenza cases. He didn't seem to understand that nicotine withdrawal can be a real pain and people engaged in it are terrible to be around and this would make domestic violence/rage go through the roof if people couldn't get a fix.

Why don't people who profess to be sociologists ever understand things like addiction and withdrawal?

By the way, it's the same for alcohol. Now is not really the time to quit unless you live alone and like it like that.


capt fast said...

nicotine withdrawal is a real thing don't I know sooooo well. never had an issue with alcohol. I never did understand why it was necessary to drink so much booze that a guy pukes on his shoes until they rot off his feet. spent the last twenty five years working around hungover stupid bastards who never knew when to stop themselves and were an absolute danger to be near in the workplace. some of them inadvertently removed themselves from the gene pool or became involuntary amputees "all of a sudden for no good reason". God Almighty Above I am so happy to be retired and away from them.
looking back at my experience with finally quitting tobacco I can assure you that for a year Darth Vader with a migraine headache and a persecution complex would have been kinder to be around than I was.

HMS Defiant said...

I quit smoking, twice, as we say. I did it when I came home from the middle east and did well without for a full year and then got sent back to the middle east where I took it up again. Dammit. I quit again when my daughter was born. Unlike the first time which was a breeze, it was a real pain to quit the second time. Like many things in life, I found that it had to be 'my' decision and not something imposed on me. Once "i" decided, that was it.
The first time I took the remaining packs, taped them up really good with duct tape and threw them on top of my kitchen cabinets where I couldn't reach them. Earlier fake attempts to quit always went bust because I would 'buy just one more' and then smoke them all. This way I could always talk myself out of buying more because I had some, but I quit. What can I say, it worked, for me. OPMMV.

capt fast said...

I tried to "stop" smoking. foolish me. I finally made the decision to "quit" smoking. world of difference there. words have meaning. got support from a woman I know for many years. Pathologist. invited me to her work area when she found out I quit and wanted to reinforce that decision. she was in the middle of an autopsy of a thirty six year old man who died of lung cancer...heavy heavy smoker. chest cavity looked like a bowl of hammered jello and granulated charcoal chunks. all lobes of both lungs were involved with the big C. I am told that the lungs could recover from the crap in them if given half a chance soon enough. the images and smell of that day come back every time I see someone smoking.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Some physicians will cover patients who are quitting smoking with Buspar, and some even routinely prescribe an antidepressant for six months.