Tuesday, January 14, 2020


The Iranian's ayatollahs are facing them now as the Iranian people once again seek to get out from under a 7th century dictatorship that has sought out to deliberately make enemies out of almost everybody in the world. Nothing the leadership has done over the last 20 or 30 years has changed by a single iota but the Iranian people appear to be fed up with them. What can you say, into every generation a new slayer is born.

I've written here before about the baseejis and their counterparts in Saudi Arabia. In Arabia the crown prince has taken it upon himself to severely curtail the powers of the mutawa. In Iran it appears that the ruling council has similarly acted to restrict the baseejis if not to the extent the crown did in Arabia.

Unlike the late and now somewhat lamented Shah, the crown prince in Arabia is under no delusions. He will rein in the out of control elements of a vastly corrupt society but firmly intends to signal that all opposition to the Crown and to the laws of the State will be punished with maximum force. This yields all the things Fox Butterworth was always claiming as a bad thing. With Fox it always depended on the viewpoint. From the viewpoint of the rapist going to jail for 30 years or the crack dealer who destroyed lives going to prison for decades, he was always the first on the news to decry the savagery of such justice. Nevertheless, the bulk of the people support that kind of punishment and so too in the Kingdom. They don't want murderers or drug dealers and while they aren't opposed to keeping them alive for the rest of their lives it's only so long as their heads are chopped off by the end of the year.

The media still gets in a froth about the Saudi citizen killed by saudis in saudi territory and claims it was by the whim of a mad dictator crown prince. As may be, it still isn't much of a crime when you factor in extraterritoriality and the fact that on saudi ground only saudi law applies. I find it laughable that those in the media most frenzied about the so-called crime have no problems treating Americans in America caught espousing support for President Trump or his policies like gutter scum and advocate their removal from polite society by any means necessary.

Of course the smarter of the dim ones have slowly come around to the simple fact that the folks wearing the red MAGA hats are also the ones that own most of the guns and ammunition in this country and don't care to be trifled with. Sure, you hear about the endless black on black shooting in places like Detroit, Chicago, Washington, DC, New York City and endless other places where it is a "CRIME" to own a gun and you rarely hear about men like this.  Oh, by the way. It is an easy leap to conclude that a former Deputy Sheriff of Texas who attends church, dare we say it, religiously, is probably going to vote republican in the next election. Democrats, muslim clerics, muslim terrorists (I know, I repeat myself) all favor degrading Christians and Christianity. It's been the rule of muslims since the 8th century and they mean to keep on doing it.

30 years ago I passed through LAX enroute someplace and found some alleged Iranian Students panhandling for change to overthrow the ayatolla. I laughed and passed them by. What the bravest ones must do now in Iran is to contemplate overthrowing a regime that had as one of its generals a man dedicated to using terrorism abroad to enforce the mullahs dictates. If he was what they used on the arabs, imagine the man or men they have holding the line in the IRGC. They probably make Soleimani look like a complete wimp fit only for unimportant work because we all know that the real terror is reserved for the 'preservation of the state'.


capt fast said...

liberals best be praying to whatever version of God that they all pray to that in this country we hopefully do not have such men doing such duties as they are in Persial. They wouldn't waste a bullet on the liberals; probably cut them a little and march them into the surf.
there is an interesting post out there from an civilian operator who was sent home after his post had over 44Million hits explaining the attitudes of arabs in Iraq towards Americans in particular. we should arm the shit out of everyone over in the sand box and let them kill each other. last man standing gets a knife in the neck.

HMS Defiant said...

If you can point me to that post I'd be interested in reading it.

capt fast said...

found the video post on youtube yesterday. i'll look again

capt fast said...

steve gern on foxnews about two years ago.