Monday, January 20, 2020


Newport used to close on snow days. I mean no cars on or off and you just suck it up loser.. On those nights when there was no food at all account of base closure, I used to put on the otherwise useless bridge coat, don the walkman and listen to this as I headed to the gate and food in the snow. We've got snow. Whoever commanded navbase Newport was an asshole back in 85. I'm pretty sure he aint changed.

On the other hand, the music stays....


  1. Ah, the good old days at Keflavik and Thule, dumpsters rolling end over end in the midst of the wind blown blinding blizzards, while we shoveled snow away from the windows and cleared a path to the alert barns. it was invigorating. the utter joys of youth.

  2. she was one of the orphans given up to God and my age. I won't look but I do hope her adoptive parents are happy.