Friday, January 3, 2020


It appears that the left is all in a snit because the Orange Man killed one of the head terrorists in Iraq. Oh well, let them vent their fury as they imagine that this act was an act of war. I'll be honest, we've been at war with Iran since they seized our embassy back when Jimmy was President. Every Iranian knows we are at war but most Americans are clueless and imagine that we aren't really since there is very little shooting or bombing. Most Americans never heard of Nimble Archer or Praying Mantis and most Americans are ignorant of history. Japan knew America was at war with it when Roosevelt doubled down on sanctions and blocked the flow of oil to Japan before Pearl Harbor. The United States has been interdicting trade and commerce to Iran for decades and they know it.

Eliminating the commanding general of our enemy's field force is simply a part of the process of quiet war. Does it 'open' US up to attack? Yes, but then they've been attacking us for decades. I can live with that. The scary? The scary is Persians are smart. They're also ruthless. People here tend to heed their ingrown fears about nuclear. Screw nuclear. There are other forms of weapons of mass destruction. Those are the ones to fear. Still and all, I don't live in the Big Apple or DC and where do I think those weapons will be employed? Not here.

In 'The Third World War', General Sir John Hackett and other NATO generals imagined a nuclear war where the soviets and we engaged in a limited nuclear war. In both realms the leadership decided not to decapitate the enemy with a strike on the capital but instead nuked secondary cities of no account. Terrorists don't think that way. They always go for the jugular.

At this point in time, Iran is a terrorist state. It has been for over 30 years. They act like terrorists all the time so there will be little change in our relationship with them. I'd be fascinated if they mined the Strait of Hormuz or used coastal missile batteries against ships in the Gulf. Every ship inside the Gulf is vulnerable to even the ancient Styx missiles never mind the C801 and C802s. We didn't have any illusions back when I was young and standing officer of the deck on ships in the Gulf. We figured it was just a matter of time. I was disappointed by Stark. They were holding down Radar Picket Station North and failed to notice an Iraqi fighter bomber or its Exocet missiles. I suspect our forces are now a lot more alert then they were last year.

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capt fast said...

but oh! I do recall those heady days of yesteryear, watching the telltale blinking cursors of individual locating beacons go out at desert one. I recall the almost daily call of the imams for american blood. calls which continue today. It must inure the persian population to the desires of the imams because of it's unrelenting nature.
I doubt you will find anyone holding a DD-214 with those dates between the lines have forgotten even one of the 444 days of captivity of the marines and staff of the US Embassy in Iran. the constant refrain from Tehran is war. so be it. do we need a war with the persians? I don't think so. do we want a war with the persians? no, we do not. are we at war with the persians? the persians believe it to be so.
Let us act accordingly. because democrats.