Friday, January 3, 2020


I found this at instapundit and went looking at the source but the well was dry. However, I've now seen this a couple of times in different places and while it came out many years ago about some people living rent free in some people's heads, Trump takes the biscuit. He simply drives them crazy.

John Ringo emails:
So far Trump has gotten the Democrats and the media (repetitive) to:

Defend terrorism
Defend pedophiles
Defend rapists
Defend blackface
Defend mass murderers
Openly hate dogs.


As somebody there asked now that we've whacked the head of the IRGC elite force and the democrats are mistily calling for us to beware now because that made Iran mad, "what are they going to do now that they weren't already doing?" Yea. They kidnap and kill and attack embassies and blow people up and now what's going to change? Me? I'm staying away from crowds and I'll continue along, head on a swivel, eyes open, ears cocked and maintain full situational awareness to the best of my ability like I have since, oh, yeah, I reported to first ship in the Arabian Gulf in '84 where it seems Iranian backed terrorists were always looking for American scalps.

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#2 ON TRENDING - 2019 Was The Craziest Year Ever (Mr. Beast Video)

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