Sunday, January 26, 2020


I've been pseudo watching The Martian and it struck me that only America would send a hammer to mars.


capt fast said...

If NASA had anything to do with it the hammer would probably one of the surplus ball peen 24 oz. hammers the USAF bought for $50,000.00 back when the taxpayer bought the E-3 AWAC system in the 1970's which was buried in the contract. all about funding a black program. Add that to the one inch by one inch $1,200.00 plastic foot for the navigators foot stool for the periscopic sextant mount, use thereof. It all probably bought a lot of Polaroid film for the Corona project.

HMS Defiant said...

I once worked in a black program and renegotiated the contract with the aid of the contract officer out of said office. It was a hoot since I wasn't the COR or the OIC and was pretty much the only one that showed up day after day, week after week and wrote the specs for the contract. She liked me. I was thinking the other day that I found a new black office and I've known about it for some time. As you know, with those you cannot pass the outer gate without somebody inside letting you in but I see them from time time standing outside and having a smoke. There's not more than a dozen people that work there but the smokers all let their gazes linger on me as I do my slo mo driveby. I have no idea why it's located here, don't care, but then the old black office I used was located in Oakland, CA. They relocated out there but still, it was Silicon Valley and home to Travis even if the entire US Navy and US ARMY pulled out of every single installation in the Bay Area to give a big FU to Feinstein who had been mayor and then turned senator. It was illuminating how all of sudden Alameda NAS, Oaknoll, Presidio, Hunters Point, Vallejo Naval Shipyard and Treasure Island all shut down overnight and the military was gone from northern California. I was living in Emeryville at the time and working in San Jose and San Diego. Moffet Field was about the only thing left at the end and I think that was simply because it was part of PORK, oops, I mean NASA. My congresscritter was Ron Dellums who was a Marine seargent in the Korean War but still a peacenick POS when he was head of the HASC and he and Feinstein gutted the military presence in the Bay Area except for the weapon station up the river. I think it survived because it was just about the last one on the west coast.