Monday, January 13, 2020


There's a little bit out there every week and one can catch it at Powerline's week in pictures roundup on Saturdays. Sometimes they have special editions. It goes without saying, they work much harder than I do. This is just a sample of this week that I enjoyed. They are far more amusing and truthful than the New York Times. Every weekend I struggle to read the Sunday New York Times and every weekend I come away convinced that those people are unbelievably out of touch with America every bit as much as they have been for the last 100 years. Srsly, those people who believe they have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening here and abroad simply by reading the NYT and watching the news are seriously deluded.

What if some parents are like anti-vaxers and refuse to believe in peanut allergies?

It may not have been Hillary, it was probably the Clinton Foundation or one of the Windsors.

All the democrats had to do was not act crazy to win in 2020.....

I'm waiting for the NYT to jump the gun with his obit

Everybody needs a coffee maker. We've got like 10 of them
It's as if they creep through life blind to what is going on around them

On par with working for the Clintons. It's like a form of assisted suicide.
Cherly Mills, Humma Abedin and a host of others must have convinced
the foundation that their secrets will survive their 'suicides'.


capt fast said...
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capt fast said...

now of the opinion that the Windsor's supporters did the deed. but still, hillary did it.

capt fast said...

I realize this is out of left field but, was reviewing other blogs on the 21 saudi trainees at pensacola being kicked out of the country-by saudi not the Navy. some fools have demanded arming troops while in barracks stateside in order to "prevent another shooting". I am wholeheartedly opposed to arming the troops while in barracks. absolutely against it. I have seen the results of that and it's not pretty. there is armed security forces on posts whose job it is to defend the troops and weapons and armed law enforcement troops to enforce law and order. let them do their jobs that they are trained to do. just my opinion.

HMS Defiant said...

I concur. Way too many of the 18 year olds with their first guns in the expeditionary security realm managed to kill themselves with them at home or kill their wives and girlfriends because they didn't know the guns were loaded. It's like nobody ever taught them the golden rule for guns. They're always loaded and you check the bore to verify and you make sure there isn't a magazine in semi-automatics when you let the barrel go forward after you checked.

HMS Defiant said...

The Firm spent generations eliminating their accusers and they still know how to do it. I wouldn't get on a plane with Meghan.