Wednesday, January 22, 2020


I was willing to do it and did engage in it for many years. It has been claimed that history passes us by. Not in my experience, which is to say history. All reading of what passes for the 5th estate these days shows a public utterly devoid of any knowledge of history. Everything is a continual surprise to them.

My better half asked tonight that I wasn't watching the news. Truly, the TV did not come on today. The intertubes went mostly untapped as well up until I tuned in to see The Darkest Hour for a little bit.

I saw that Michael Avanatti was jailed by order of a court. He's now in the same prison Epstein was murdered in. I can't help but wonder as he faces his fate if he will know the man that kills him there.

Weird isn't it how the cameras outside his cell and within, don't work.

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