Thursday, April 18, 2019


Once again the "authorities" dismiss the idea that the fire/attack was a deliberate act. This time they kind of leaped the gun by making their idiotic pronouncement before there was even a hint of credibility to justify their monumentally stupid statement:

According to Daily Mail
Investigators believe an 'electrical short circuit' was responsible for starting the blaze which devastated Notre Dame cathedral this week.   
A French judicial police official said investigators brought in to work out the cause of the inferno made the claims - despite them not having been given access to the church yet for safety reasons. 
The official, who spoke anonymously about the ongoing investigation, said the monument is still being consolidated with wooden planks to support some fragile parts of the walls.   
Only after it is fully made safe will investigators will be allowed a closer look in order to accurately determine the cause of the fire. 

Zut Alors Henri, even from here it is as plain as the nez on your face that this fire was caused by an electrical short-circuit!
Nice try guys. What a shame you have damned your words and statements on matters like these to the point where only cretins and idiots who listen to NPR bother to pay attention to you anymore.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I shall await the end of the investigation. Right now, I suspect it is most likely a replay of the loss of NORMANDIE, when he, ( French ship, they consider all ships male ), was being converted into USS LAFAYETTE. Pure carelessness.

But Moslems being the source is also something to give serious consideration to.

HMS Defiant said...

As with you, I like to wait for the facts before reaching a decision. I think I did that here because I didn't accuse any group, merely all groups who might be like anti-fa and decide that violence rules. One does not have to go to far into the past to find uncharitable things about the .... and you see.

In any event, and by no means a conspiracy kind of guy, I don't think I'll believe a word of any 'official' report on the cause/incident of the fire. They really have no credibility at all anymore. That was one of the charming things about the release of the Mueller report. Two years of investigation by deeply experienced investigators all of whom just happened to hate, despise and loath President Trump could not pull up a single sign of the alleged crime. I believe that. I have the entire report on my iPad and perhaps on the next rainy day I'll have a look.
I have, at any rate, this evening, decided to put a sign 3"x5" index card in my front garden by the walk where everyone passing can see it (millions and millions of people every day) wishing everyone a Very Happy Easter.

capt fast said...

we won't see it, but there is a covert side to law enforcement in the land of cheese and wine. somewhen, some people will do somethings, and other people will take the long dirt nap so that social justice will end up being served in the long view. and, unless you are a part of that solution, you and I will not know of it.
can you imagine the utter chaos and violence that would be let loose in Europe if any public official kind of statement was made placing the arson on any muslims immigrants door step?
Jihad is now

HMS Defiant said...

Yea, just about every western european drank the cool-aid and so every one of the 100,000s of young men of military age who 'migrated' into Europe since the collapse of terror in Syria is called a 'refugee' and now our twits have taken to calling every single illegal who crosses our border 'asylum seekers' and people just accept it because they have forgotten the power of words. It's like they don't teach history at all anymore.