Saturday, April 13, 2019


I want this President's Attorney General to just go ahead and burn the lot of his subordinates and not have every excruciating detail wormed out of the FBI scumbags or the DOJ scumbags. I want instant and full compliance with Congressional scrutiny of their misbehavior and crimes.


If the Executive Branch waives any and all so-called rights about disclosure I'd like to see it answer for it's Gun-Running under Obama and the crimes they all signed up for and waged against the people of this country when they all gave themselves fully over to overthrowing the will of the public and tried to frame President Trump for crimes he never did or even thought about doing and while they went all out to conceal the crimes of Hillary Clinton, Lynch, Mills, Holder and the rest of that sorry shower. Clapper, Comey and the rest of the Intel politicians should be in jail now for the rest of their lives.

They attempted a coup against our government.


capt fast said...

there is a practical solution to the present and past "excesses" of government employees even and especially if those employees are doing the bidding of their masters and leaders. they must have known that they were in the wrong in spirit if not in fact. therefore...Have all government employees regardless of pay grade, adhere to and be enjoined by the punitive articles of the UCMJ. with the exception of political elected persons as we assume that they are all thieves and liars of the first order because they are all elected and are probably lawyers; but do bear with me on this...
I have read and understood the statement and pledge that all civilian employees of the federal government do swear and affirm to uphold. apparently, their word is not their bond. therefore, all government employees should be held to authoritarian discipline until they learn to function in their duties with the same self discipline as a military member must.
I consider civilian government functions more important than military government functions. the civilian side of government is NOT upholding the finest of traditions in service to this country. the only functions of civilian government that even comes close to it is some of the Law Enforcement organs and even they are now suspect.
Were this done now, we could use the rear wall of all the new jails we would fill with former government workers as the wall of the southern border and probably make inroads on the wall of the northern border.

HMS Defiant said...

I sort of tried this once as Commander W at SPAWAR. Allow me to tell you how that worked out. Some guy left me in charge of a weapons program and after getting burned a time or two by the 'lab' (space and naval warfare systems command' who never produced anything of note, worth or good, I told them all that now and henceforth I'd be sending any Congressional money to the lab with the same sort of legal, contractual caveats we used for all our other contractors.

The D3 at SPAWARSYSCEN invited me and my boss to his office up at the top of Point Loma to share with us just how screwed up we were to think of holding the Navy lab to the same standards we held 3M, SAIC, GM, etc to and to blow it out our ass. I was wearing my uniform when I leaned over his desk and told him that was fine, we simply would not FUND ANYTHING through his system center and to FOAD.
His boss called my bosses boss. His boss was sacked for faking his PRT. Still, we went down to ignominious defeat right after 9/11.

Government labs view their funding as sacrosanct. You are a witch if you think they are ever supposed to actually produce any meaningful product or output and what they do drizzle out costs roughly 200 times what industry would have sold you.

We despise/loathe SPAWAR, NAVSEA and SUPSHIPs. We know them, we worked with them and we hates them.

HMS Defiant said...

Our problem is what we might call, "the law" and I don't speak of our legal code. No. As with you, I agree, our 'officials' don't really represent us or the law and they are content to do so. Oddly enough, the 'law' lets them get away with this ongoing malfeasance.

I no longer weep or gnash my teeth when I read of the death of 'lawmen'. They aint and they haven't been for decades.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Take them all down to the zoo, and feed them to the yak.