Tuesday, April 23, 2019


When did the 4th estate decide they were king? Nobody gave me a vote and I'm a founding member.
While Lopez Obrador’s government has said it will not react to “threats”, sources familiar with Mexican policy, who asked not to be identified, said near-daily U.S. government pressure had led the interior and foreign ministries to push the National Migration Institute (INM) for tougher action. 
The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 
Unreleased INM data, reviewed by Reuters, showed that it detained 12,746 undocumented migrants for registration in March, up by nearly one-third from February and two-thirds from January.
Hey there you contemptible little pissant, who died and made you queen? I'm a little tired of the lowest echelons of the lowest Estate adding that little tag to their pissant stories about the 'failure to immediately respond to you' as some kind of power stroke delivered as only a martial news artist can, to the jugular of the first three Estates. And speaking as one of the Elect, just who died and made you Queen? Clearly some of these guys overdosed on the powderpuff girls when they were in school last year.

If you look very carefully, you could almost see that video as a metaphor for Mueller, the FBI, the CIA, NID and the DOJ. And so, they turn the matter over to the democratic controlled HORs for continuing partisan warfare.

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