Friday, April 5, 2019


We spent a long month in Karachi and pulled out on Christmas Eve, 1984. We spent New Years day taking on JP-5 in the North Arabian Sea from a civilian tanker using our close-in rig with the B&A crane. It was a 6 hour long underway replenishment 90 feet from the nearest ship the whole time on our way back into the Persian Gulf enroute to Bahrain.

Picture I sent home to the parents of 'the techrep' in my new chair bought in Karachi
As you can see, I was really bummed to be heading back into the war zone.

Interesting side note about that chair. It survived the next 20 years and a dozen moves including getting shipped home from Bahrain. My sister borrowed it when she was living in Del Mar about 10 years after I bought it and claimed it was the most comfortable thing for a mother-to-be to sit in and so off it went to her place in Del Mar for half a year. It came back though and lived on and was well liked up until I got married.

Now that I think about it, I should have kept the chair.

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