Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Usually Glenn et al nail it and undestand things. In this case, not so much. Sadly, there is no defense against suicide bombers wearing vests or car bombs.

Oh.  really?

There is a defense against both but it doesn't work unless....hold on a sec I just heard a car park in my driveway and I have to check it ou


capt fast said...

Our marines learned in Lebanon that a sentry without ammo and rules of engagement that do not allow said sentry to defend his/her point is useless.
Our Navy learned that when you want police, do not send a military unit. Military is trained and equipped to break things in a military manner and destroy enemies of this Republic in a forthright manner and to accomplish their missions quickly. anything less than that requires a policeman and not a solder, sailor or airman.
Someday, politicians will learn those lessons too.

HMS Defiant said...

What I made even the good officers at NAVCENT/MIDEASTFOR/C5F understand was that security, real security, is not like a blanket one tucks up around the chin in bed. It's not some poor dipsthing standing guard in the gate. NO. It's two and behind them, backing it up a hundred feet away is the overwatch with the heavy machine gun who will destroy the guys taking out the ECP guys. After KHOBAR we brought in the FAST from Diego Garcia. They were shit but lightyears better than the nothing at all we had before Khobar.
As with the TSA, they still provide a 'looks kinda looks like security' aspect. That's what the fools at Khobar did while across the road at Lucky, the Army was doing it almost the right way and way much more threateningly.

I think I posted the video of two young Marines who went to God as they stood sentry, I think I willl post it again. They were brave and loyal to the death to their comrades over there and I would never ask more of a sentry I put on post.

capt fast said...

I have observed the USAF security evolve into something much much better than it was. It split law enforcement and security. Security police in the USAF is now likened to very angry airmobile infantry pretty much armed to the teeth all the time and able to break things with the best that the ARMY and MARINES have, because the assets they are defending are not kiddie toys. I like that. It defines my kind of security.
I hold US Marines to a special value as they are family. I am saddened at any loss caused by political fumblenuts seeking to score points with upladder idiots.

HMS Defiant said...

In the states you don't see security but that's because, you're in the states. Overseas you can see it at our mideast embassies. The guys know what it is and what it takes and that initial Marine you see is just hte point guy. He knows it. There are 3 behind him.

Modern fools don't understand the slash entry.

Visit one of the federal reserve banks built in the early 30s. Oh they understood it very well.