Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Picture the day,

You're out for a walk in your quiet neighborhood and all of a sudden a car out of nowhere, runs you down. You're crippled for life. You sue.

But it was a driverless car. Google drove it, google or tesla made it and the people in it had nadda to do with controlling it when it ran you down in the crosswalk.

Who do you sue?

I'd go for the trifecta; google, tesla, and you.

Something to look forward to! People will be throwing themselves in front of those things left, right and center because, freebies for life!!!!


OldAFSarge said...

The whole prospect of driverless/pilotless vehicles concerns me. I'm a software/hardware/systems kind of a guy. I know the design will be pushed through regardless of its completeness by a manager trying to meet some schedule based on the estimates of someone who has never done that sort of work.

I know the software itself will be pushed through with inadequate testing, coded by the cheapest workers available, and hurried and harried by managers trying to meet some magical schedule (see above).

When the prototype is complete the testing will be designed to show that it works, NOT designed to try and prove it doesn't. Testers aren't allowed to try and break the thing because it will impact cost and schedule.

In the final analysis, the person who gets sued won't be the corporate exec, or the mid-level managers who pushed the thing through so they could achieve max bonus money that year.

No, it will be the poor schlub who had no control over the final product. They'll get sued, their life will be ruined while those truly responsible will get off scot-free and no doubt go on to other disasters.

SkyNet awaits.

HMS Defiant said...

I find it interesting that skynet now has a name and it's name is google.