Thursday, August 24, 2017


He thinks firing the commander of seventh fleet is a good move. What he utterly failed to get/to understand/to comprehend, is that naval forces are trained and certified by second and third fleets and so, the one that needs to be fired is named Nora and so won't be fired.

If I was president? CINCPACFLT would be putting his resume together and searching for a new job.

I'm like all the old coots that say, "well that didn't happen in my day!"

The fleet I served in had money to burn for fuel and fuel coming out our ears. The current navy is starved for fuel. Synthetic training does now replace real experience driving ships. The only time ships get fuel to steam now is when they are posted to 5th or 7th fleet.

Oh, and their officers suck. I mean they really really suck. I remember sitting next to the COS of the MCM squadron in Korea and hearing him tell his little minions to tell the CO's of MCMs that they were not allowed to so much as put a zodiac in the water without his permission. He was a piece of work. He's probably an admiral.


Thomas said...

The current USN year-group officers may suck at ship-driving, but their LBGTX-awareness scores are second to none, I'm sure.
Getting out was one decision I've never ever regretted.

HMS Defiant said...

Ditto. I've looked back and enjoyed what I did but by the end it wasn't my navy anymore. I just find it hard to believe that the navy bought 3 newish type ships at $7 billion per and has already decided it will never buy any ammunition for their guns because ridiculous expensive.

Mike Lambert said...

I also thought it odd that C7F got the axe (it was easy, he was retiring) rather than 3rd Flt or PACFLT himself.

HMS Defiant said...

Yep. The fleet commander tracks the C rating of every ship and via whatever they call SORTS now, could track down to a gnat's ass but 3 and 4 star flags were still telling undermanned, undertrained ships to get underway and go on task. I remember sitting through a mini-tirade at 3rd Fleet when VADM Costello wanted to know why he could not get a penny for synthetic training. OPNAV basically told him and 2nd Fleet (they sent in a joint request) to buzz off. Barry and everyone else on the waterfront saw the collapse coming and that was back in 2005.
Somebody needs to tell the COCOMs NO!