Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Their names need to published. We need to know them, those who stood watch and killed their shipmates.

It was only a couple years ago that the NAVY wanted to promote a man to admiral who shot down an Air Force jet with two men in it and whose promotion was only stopped by the disgust of the public.

All of the fools that killed our sailors need to be named so they can never be promoted, ever. They need to go to jail for about 9 to 16 years.


OldAFSarge said...

That's a start.

Need to track down who certified them in their positions as well.

NavyDavy said...

Agree. Their names need to be published after they are found guilty.

HMS Defiant said...

Their guilt is a given. They don't need to found guilty. They were the watchstanders and they failed to do their duty. There's no need to wait for judicial or nonjudicial punishment to be meeted out. The OOD on watch, guilty, the JOOD on watch, guilty, the CICWO on duty, guilty, the various lookouts on watch, guilty.

These are not things merited by a jury or panel of experts. They had the watch, they failed in their duty at the expense of the lives of their shipmates.

I'd tie a rope around their ankles and drag them through the sea at 20 knots until sharks ate them. It's what they deserve.

HMS Defiant said...

they would have to be pretty quick sharks.

Listening, again to Marc Antoine. God I wish I could play like that.