Wednesday, October 5, 2016


It seems that the new leader of UKIP, Diane James, has stepped down as leader of the party after being attacked by some vile little left-wing scumbag at Waterloo Station. Nigel Farage is back as interim leader until new elections are held. I found the slanted and arch questions of the presenter to be an interesting reflection of the absolute lack of bias in media in the UK. It's like the media are bound to be unbiased all over the world, in the same direction.

I had regretted that we would no longer be hearing from Nigel. Every time he speaks, he puts to shame the ignorant tongue-tied pig's ears we have for politicians. The contrast with Obama, Kerry, Clinton, or any current politicians, is astonishing.

UPDATE 10/6/2016

From bad to worse as it is alleged that one UKIP MEP knocked down another who later collapsed. The Party is self-destructing before our very eyes.

Steven Woolfe, the favorite to become Ukip leader, collapsed at the European Parliament building in Strasbourg after being punched by another MEP at a 'clear the air' meeting.

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