Friday, October 14, 2016


I doubt that one in 100 Americans knows their names much less what they did but when you and I think about it, did we not have some of the most remarkable men in history at the helm when we most needed adult leadership? I'm not that old. Srsly, not even 56. A mere pup, but I recall the giants that put together a force that shaped the world for the last 70 years. Some can recall the man who dominated an entire generation. I don't care for him but I have not read his biography and mayhap I have figured him wrong. I can be mistook in my judgement and I'm the first to admit it.

Raymond Spruance. He turned around the whole of World War II at Midway.
Ike. I don't care what his detractors say, he was a genius.
George Mashall. He was the one that said OK to General of the Army because he didn't want to Marshall Marshall. He thought there might be a number of 5 star officers in the future. So far, we've resisted the temptation.

The list of them all.

 The following Americans have been promoted to five-star rank:
      •   Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy 15 December 1944
      •   General of the Army George Marshall 16 December 1944
      •   Fleet Admiral Ernest King 17 December 1944
      •   General of the Army Douglas MacArthur 18 December 1944
      •   Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz 19 December 1944
      •   General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower 20 December 1944
      •   General of the Army & Air Force Henry H. Arnold     21 December 1944 & 7 May 1949
      •   Fleet Admiral William Halsey, Jr. 11 December 1945
      •   General of the Army Omar Bradley  20 September 1950

Irregardless of your notions of merit, that was a remarkable group and they came along at just the right time for us. The men who followed them were made from entirely different cloth. The political crew we have had for the last 30 years are a bitter disapointment.


OldAFSarge said...

They came along at just the right point in history. An outstanding group. (There is one though... And I think it's probably the same fellow you're thinking of.)

HMS Defiant said...

I'm reminded of Captain Stormfields Visit to Heaven. Mark Twain was a pip. I'm pretty sure I'd have liked him even if he never returned a shout.