Monday, October 10, 2016


Remember when if it was phrased just so, it was Romantic? Remember when they made movies about gold diggers?

I was out and about this morning and listening to the National People's Radio where they were consumed with outraging over Hillary's High Crimes and Misdemeanors Trump engaging in a personal conversation that eavesdroppers overheard and later made public when they figured it would maximally damage the other half of the country.

I enjoyed viewing a somewhat more romantic time and for merely writing that, most modern campus administrators and student bodies would cheerfully throw me into the outer darkness in the hopes that a Balrog would tear me to pieces forever.

Are you enjoying watching the entire left side of the political hemorrhoid go ape over a very simple equation that has been in place since evolution started? I accept that a certain percentage of people are not attracted like moth to the flame by the prospect of marrying or dating wealth but by the same token, a certain percentage of the population are driven by the prospect of marrying or dating wealth.

I mean, honestly NPR, there's a reason that ancient wealthy men marry 20 year old women. Let me rephrase that for the really slow appreciators of NPR, THERE ARE A NUMBER OF 20 year old women who are attracted to wealthy septuagenarians. They're mostly folding and green but also glittery and cold as the stars and the number of them is never appreciably diminished. There are more every year.

I think in the last 24 hours the media has spent more time on Trump's private tete-a-tete with a guy then they ever spent on Hillary's and her aides' actual crimes under the Espionage Act. Make no mistake, she belongs in jail and so does everybody who sent her classified information at her private email.

I'm sure that her aide ran it through a cleaner routine that weeded out 99.999% of the marked classified material and what caught her in the end was the obvious fact that some of her aides routinely deleted the classification markings from SIGINT and SCI/SAP material and just forwarded her the copy and pasted paragraphs that ended up embroiling her in an FBI sham investigation despite her cunning best efforts to delete the 33,000 emails that were marked as classified.

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