Wednesday, October 5, 2016


I overheard NPR yesterday while driving and, ok, I admit, I tuned to NPR like I used to and listened to Terry Gross and an official of the local Case Western Reserve University discuss how the Republic came to have somebody like Donald Trump as the Republican nominee this year for President. Neither one of them even came close to figuring out why we got Trump. The guy from Case kept bleating about how conservatives disdain Trump almost as much as 'we' do and said even Fox News hates the guy and the only real voice of advocacy he ever had is that horrible, awful, disgusting, mean Ann Coulter, who, he said, was the first to announce that Trump would win and she did that the second he threw his hat in the ring.

Naturally they had to blow off Ann as an idiot troll of the first water and neither of them spent even a second contemplating that perhaps Ann Coulter has a way better handle on what the people of the rest of the country are feeling about politics then any of the talking heads, pundits, politicians or media clowns. She's a populist who knows what real people think. Yeah, she's figured out democrats but she is unique in having figured out what the Tea Party is. It was a movement, not a Party and the movement remained strong and vital even after the media drove a stake through the heart of the Party.

The Republican leadership put Trump where he is today. We the People elected them and elected them to serve us. We gave them an overwhelming majority in the House and the Senate and what did the Republican leadership do with that majority? Nothing. Not a damned thing. They didn't lift a finger to repeal ObamaCare and they didn't lift a finger to rein in the out of control Executive agencies like the IRS or EPA or DOJ.  THEY DID NOTHING.

We tried to express how deeply unhappy we were with this state of affairs when the voters of Ohio repudiated John Boehner, the actual Speaker of the House, and kicked his slimy worthless ass out of Congress because he never did a single damned thing for us. Would you believe that none of the rest of those scumbags got the message? The majority of the voters had to signify their contempt for business-as-usual Rethuglicans and kick them to curb by voting Trump.

You know what the rethuglicans actually in Congress had to do right? It isn't hard. They merely had to put up a fight on our behalf the way the democrats fight on behalf of their masters. I guarantee that Boehner would have remained in office and the Rethuglicans would have been overwhelminingly voted for by a pleased group of GOP voters if they had voted to repeal ObamaCare. No, they didn't have the numbers to overcome a presidential veto but that isn't the point. They never understood that so they never even tried.

If the House had voted to repeal ObamaCare and slashed 50% funding from DOJ, IRS and EPA it would have sent a message. If Mitchell had copied Reid and simply used the nuclear option on Cloture and the Senate voted to follow the House then we would have "our" representatives doing what 'we' elected them to do but they couldn't be bothered. Mitchell wouldn't retaliate with a nuke or two of his own and Boehner wouldn't take to a vote anything that wasn't veto proof. Well, sucks to be them.

If they had played honestly with us, we would have entertained the idea of electing one of their 'wise old birds' but they didn't. They should have passed a repeal bill every single time Obama left the country on one of his vacations or boondoggles. They should have put him and the rest of the democrats on record again and again as supporting that abortion known as the Affordable Care Act where people are now required by law to pay whatever the price is irregardless of the service or details in order to get health care insurance even if it is now a monopoly in their state and only one company offers a plan that meets the law's requirements.

We'll never know if that would have brought out the voters for a Cruz or Rubio because the elected Rethuglicans who actually sit in Congress didn't lift a finger to act like the Representatives of the people who sent them there.


OldAFSarge said...

And there you have it, in a nutshell.

Brilliant Cap'n, simply brilliant. That's a shack.

The Old Man said...

Very clear in MetroParkCentralis but invisible inside the beltway.

HMS Defiant said...

Thanks. It was clearly the COA they should have followed, some must have known it and tried but Boehner was worse than useless as Party Leader and Ryan is no different. This wasn't 20/20 hindsight. It was as plain as the nose on my face.

HMS Defiant said...

You wouldn't think a city built on a swamp could have a rarified atmosphere but something happens to them when they hit the beltway. They turn into little lambs and let themselves be led astray by the neo-cons and the elders the party. I liked Rand Paul. He stayed true to his principles and he's an accomplished American.