Wednesday, October 5, 2016


If you ever wondered why the war in Korea proceeded as it did and why a Congress thirsty for the blood of Truman backed off using his relief of General MacArthur to beat him to death, you might be interested in reading this article from Smithsonian Magazine.

I found it fascinating.


The Old Man said...

Excellent choice. The look behind the curtain is most revealing.

HMS Defiant said...

I had never even considered that the Chinese Air Force never attacked our ships off Inchon and made no air to ground sorties at all that I can recall from my reading on the war. It really was some kind of unspoken agreement and brings to mind some of the ridiculous European battles between Agincourt and Blenheim.
I remember though that when people were arguing to expand the war, the Army was forced to ask, "with what?" "There are no more divisions. The giant war machine with 12 million men under arms that we had 6 years ago is gone. There is no war machine."

Anne Bonney said...

Thank you for your continuing help with my education.