Thursday, October 13, 2016


Women are leaping out of the attic to accuse a billionaire of 'touching' them and maybe even molesting them. The stories appear to be decades old and I'll be honest, even if I accept them as true stories there was the face slap. Where was the face slap? Srsly, this almost tempts me to go and lay my hands on attractive girls other than my pirates. OK, I'd do it if I wanted to die. Ohio is a well armed State and they'd likely blow my head off, particularly with the really bad haircut I got 2 days ago. I wouldn't blame them for shooting.*

Over and above all things I hate is the he said/she said decades later. It's impossible to refute. It's impossible to prove. It just hangs out there as the kind of thing that makes thought crime a real thing.


*I only have the two pirates these days and the little one just moved to Olympia. She's the one I used to toss to the sharks.


OldAFSarge said...

Only morons will let these stories change their votes.

Oh wait, that's what the electorate is these days, morons.

Never mind...

HMS Defiant said...

when one talks with them they are quite possibly the stupidest people on the planet and they don't know it. They think they're clever and quick and smart.

I don't usually make assertions like this but I know how to sail, anything. Left to my own devices, I could find the new world. That's the sine qua non of bingo America. Can you just sail the boat due west? I'm convinced that the sphere I have contempt for would quickly find both poles and Ireland. I'm going to wander over to salamander and from there to the idiot graduate of VMI or the Citadel. Whatever.

Did you know you could compress stupid? Yea, me neither.