Saturday, October 22, 2016


The video I loved and which headlined the King of France's place appears to have been killed. I treasured it. The video showed an athlete at the very top of the game who smiled every inch of the way to totally blew away the other competitors and smiled. She reminds me of a princess I saw just the other night in film She smiled a great deal but she didn't turn back into the princess until the very end, after the musical affair on the barge in Rome where she used a stringed instrument on a man, twice.

It really is amazing how a genuine smile can make all who see it happy.

If you turn on the sound, you can hear these color commentators talk about a smile I have long admired. I have great disdain for the color commentators, who are jackasses.

This, I think, was where I added the category to my blog of "Style and Grace". She embodied it.

I'm sorry the original video is gone but you get the master video here.

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