Monday, October 3, 2016


The people of Columbia rejected a ridiculous 'peace' deal with the FARC. It was only by a small majority but the majority refused to accept a peace deal that caved in to every single FARC demand which included automatic elevation to the government, retention of all arms and money stolen from the people, no reparations for the kidnapped victims or those murdered by the FARC over the last 50 years and no punishment for the atrocities they committed. In short, this wasn't peace, it was surrender.

The peace deal would have resulted in something like Chavez taking over the government of Columbia because that always works so well in Latin America.

It's hard to believe that the FARC has been revolting in Columbia since Gemini was in space. Fifty years is a long time to live in the jungle. Somebody is supporting that revolution to this day. I wonder who it is behind the FARC. It's also hard to believe that Gemini XI flew 3 times higher than any other manned American spacecraft other than Apollo. We haven't  made it out of LEO since then.

Gemini XI 850 miles above Earth 50 years ago

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