Saturday, October 15, 2016


I read this on Instapundit today.

"Obama could hardly have accomplished more harm if he were trying to ruin America’s position in the world.

Excpet he didn't do it alone. He was helped every inch the way by the blundering morons at the State Department who started out 'overcharging' the Russians and went downhill from there. Who was the protocol officer who told our moron that he should give Queen Elizabeth a USB stick with his speeches on it or that a plastic toy helicopter was somehow an appropriate gift between heads-of-state?

Yeah, the guy pretty thoroughly destroyed Libya, Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan, Yemen, Mali, Chad, Somalia, Italy, France, Ethiopia, Germany and NATO.

I suspected he was a lightweight loser but I was mistaken. He has destroyed everything he touched from race relations in America to NATO and the EU.

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