Sunday, January 31, 2016


The Onion used to amuse me and then it went into remission and turned into SNL for awhile. Well, now they're back.
HUMBOLDT, IA—After making sure to douse every home, farm, and business located in the municipality with gasoline, retreating Clinton campaign staffers reportedly set the central Iowa town of Humboldt ablaze Friday to stem the advance of Bernie Sanders volunteers. “Once we received word the Sanders campaign had begun canvassing in nearby Fort Dodge, we only had a matter of hours to burn everything to the ground,” said communications director Jennifer Palmieri, who tossed a lit torch through the window of the town’s hardware store before rushing over to help a group of Hillary for America workers erect a roadblock made of dead livestock to prevent all entrance to and exit from the city. 
Remember when everyone knew that Clinton was going to win in a runaway from the hopelessly dazed and confused commie Sanders? Those days are OVER.

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