Friday, January 8, 2016


What a waste of resources. They get to fight it out in court and when we lose the deal, fight some more and then pay 15 billion to a company in Canada because Obama was arbitrary, capricious, injudicious and crazy-mad.
TransCanada said Wednesday that it would seek $15 billion in damages over the Obama administration's decision to cancel the company's Keystone XL pipeline project.The company is taking the unusual step of suing through the North American Free Trade Agreement, calling the decision "arbitrary and unjustified."
Imagine, if we had just let the pipeline join the thousands of miles of other oil pipelines in America and pour oil into American refineries and then achieved total energy independence from the Middle East. Now, we're out the money in court costs and then we'll lose $15 billion that could have built another high school in the LAUSD, or purchased a half dozen more F35s, or hired an additional 40 civil rights attorneys to enforce Title IX everywhere, or we could have built a couple of bridges over the Kwai River.

But no. We let idiots get in the way of common sense and practicality. Won't we all be laughing our butts off in 10 years when we have to buy that crude oil on the spot market and transport it to America to be refined. They say opportunity only knocks once. They never said that if left unanswered it comes back with lawyers.

We know the ground truth that escaped all those woohooing gaia worriers. It was never a question about leaving the oil unburned in Canada. You and I know that one way or another that oil was going to be refined and burned and if not by us, then by someone else. The greens never see the lowest common denominator in an argument; probably because they are it. They are forever, like the Union Carbide of Bhopal, an entity that can always make things worse.

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