Monday, January 11, 2016


Dear Angela Merkel, the whole reason that we spent the last 14 years waging war on islamic fanatics in Iraq and Afghanistan was so that we would not have to continue to fight them here in our country.

What part didn't you understand?

For instance, this isn't simply a picture of how things used to be in islam, it is a picture of how things are in islam; yesterday, today and tomorrow. It's why a female U.S. Air Force Squadron Commander cannot drive her car in Saudi Arabia or even ride in the front seat there.

Moderate Muslims Sell Girl Found Loose on Street in Europe


Anonymous said...

Could be worse, they could be at an american college

Captain Steve said...

Well, I suspect they are--and to accuse them of anything whatsoever would be a racist micro aggression.

HMS Defiant said...

They have a Y chromosome so there's plenty of faggots to throw on their pyres and burn them for 'wrong' unsanctioned behavior.