Sunday, January 10, 2016


The Governor of Texas has offered the idea of a National Convention to restore the Constitution and address the reigning insanity of judges and bureaucrats. Here are his modest proposals for that Convention:

I approve. I never saw how a Republic came to be ruled by five unelected rulers in a black robe.

OTOH, if we do hold a Constitutional Convention again there is little doubt that it will kill the 2nd Amendment and destroy the First Amendment. The people who run wild in this country today are nothing like the men who organized the tea party or fought at Bunker Hill. The modern radical is deeply steeped in stupidity and intolerance.


OldAFSarge said...

Hear, hear!

(My but you have a wealth of material today!)

HMS Defiant said...

Blogito ergo sum. :)

Anonymous said...

They can post these fantasy agendas all they like, but the fact is none of us will be invited to that convention if it ever takes place. None of us will get to vote on who does go to that convention.

And the 2nd amendment will be rewritten to make it an obligation for citizens to serve in the armed forces when called upon, and not an individual liberty. It was a glaring oversight that the constitution grants the government no legal authority to draft citizens for service in the armed forces. An oversight they intend to correct.