Tuesday, January 26, 2016


The sphere is abuzz today wondering how Hillary and her Chief of Staff and girl Friday managed to send top secret information from classified stand-alone information networks to Hillary's unclassified email on her own private bathroom server. One man familiar with how JWICS and SIPRNET work, discussed how those information systems are maintained and posits that hard copy was used as the intermediate medium but I have a different idea.

The information on the screen of a SIPRNET or JWICS computer was simply photographed by one of Hillary's 3 primary criminal counterparts (Mills, Abedin or whossname) using a regular cell phone with a camera and a textgrabber application that automatically converts photo text into editable digital text and then, after all the TOP SECRET NOFORN//SCI CODEWORD was cropped off the tops and bottoms and the paragraph markings (TS/SCI) etc, were edited out, the text was emailed to Hillary's private server.

So, the questions of the day are:

1. FBI, you have the emails that were sent to Hillary's server and so you know who sent them. WHO SENT THEM? Why aren't we reading all their names in the press as subjects of an ongoing investigation into a massive breach of national security?

2. FBI, you have the names of the people who transmitted TOP SECRET information. Have you demanded access to all of their information systems, cell phones, computers, iPads, laptops, etc and run you little probes over their surfaces beagling out all TOP SECRET, SCI, SAP, SECRET etc references?

3. FBI, if not, why not? Just how massively corrupt and blind do you have to be to not follow up on all the people who were emailing Hillary TOP SECRET information over the regular unencrypted internet?

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