Thursday, January 21, 2016


The USN, in a bid to prove itself totally irrelevant, has just deployed an entire battle group propelled using only bio-diesel fuel. It's actually an unusually good price for fuel at $2.05/gal but, I strongly suspect that an update will show that someone misplaced a decimal point. In any event, I expect many more 'mechanical breakdowns' as high-end fuel injectors try, and fail, to inject french fries into diesel engines.

Every time I think that Mabus cannot be a bigger idiot, I am struck anew by his dogged persistence in setting the lowest possible bar for stupidity and pig-headedness. If the Army was run by an idiot of his calibre, it would implement an aggressive new strategy for cutting costs by fielding sepoy armies and bringing back the bow because--reusable unleaded ammo.

Nicely armed Marines Storm Ashore from Newest USN Amphibious Ship!

We can only hope that Mabus never sees this one or he'd surely throw $42 billion at Northrop Grumman and demand two of them to serve as "scouting platforms" for the fleet. For a few billion more, Northrop Grumman would endeavor to deliver a drone version.

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