Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Someone captured the imagery of this election perfectly. I think if we were told that electing Trump would cause all current ruling politicians great pain and suffering we'd still pull the lever for Trump and ask, "all of them? Are you sure?"

I'm not saying I'll vote that way but I like the look of fear in the eyes of politicians everywhere at the prospect. It is a good look in a politician in a democracy.


Peggy Noonan has jumped the shark but she sees through a sheet of lead, dimly.

I love the symmetry.

All any republican candidate had to do was poll the heartland and ask us what we think on all these issues and ask what are the top 10 things that we care about and then run on them with conviction. That's how the losers have been getting elected the last 6 years but we're kind of tired of the ones with the GOP nod who run mouthing our convictions and then revert back to being socialists and democrats when elected.


OldAFSarge said...

That look of fear is good.

Still not sure how I feel about "The Donald" being President, but honestly your first paragraph sums it up nicely.

HMS Defiant said...

The last 3 elections have gone a long way toward convincing me that I live in a Banana Republic, but even some of them had politicians who, while totally corrupt, at least had enough integrity to stay bought. We don't have even that faint spark to cherish and nurture.