Saturday, January 9, 2016


The Navy is ordered to find new words to call sailors and the race is on! Let no man call me flatfooted in my efforts to hasten the day when we no longer use such archaic and outmoded terms as helmsman. There is the honor of the fleet at stake.

Helmsman            =     Shipjockey
Lee Helmsman     =     Spare
Seaman                 =     Swabbie
Fireman                =     Firestarter
Airman                 =     Zoomie
Construction man =    Tooljockey
Engine man          =    Dominator- I suppose one could be a Dominatrix
Legalman             =     Learned Counsel
Fire control man  =     Miss
Signalman            =     Flags
Yeoman               =     Whatever
Jack of the Dust  =      Jack or Jill

So many ratings have been merged over the last 30 years I don't know if there are any others.


Glenn555 said...

Sonar tech=Sonar girl. That's what they called us on the boats. Would fit right in now. Another one was shower tech. (on the boats that was a REALLY bad thing.

HMS Defiant said...

A cruel lot. Nowadays of course, it's all just good fun and a different but thoroughly officially approved lifestyle choice. :)