Tuesday, July 21, 2015


There is a bit of a hue and cry for the Pentagon to arm the recruiters scattered like buckshot throughout the nation in cities large and small. What some people appear to have forgotten is that any recruiter who carried a gun onto any school campus would wish that he had instead staggered drunk into a Tijuana bar waving a pistol while shouting, 'Viva Estados Unidos de América!' Guns aren't allowed on school property.

I've gone through the drill with the USMC on weapons any number of times. It is no simple matter to construct an armory that meets the specification so it is hard to imagine that recruiters will have a lock box they can put their weapons in before heading out everyday to the local high schools and colleges. That won't fly, float, swim or skydive.

It's not like recruiters sit around their plush offices waiting for young men and women to beat a path to their door. No. They have to go out there and beat the bushes every single day. Knowing some recruiters, they probably look at getting shot at as a mild improvement to getting reamed by headquarters for failing to meet quota.

I wouldn't be a recruiter if my life depended on it. It's a very tough job. YMMV.

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