Sunday, July 5, 2015


Abortion is indeed of no account in the United States. You have to look at State laws on the sales of beer, wine and hard liquor to discern the founder's intent when it comes to the real meaning of the laboratory of democracy and State's rights. I went to school in Pennsylvania. It is an odd state. It has the most ridiculous liquor laws I've ever seen and these days I live in MetroParkCentralis where a teenager cashier is forced to call for adults to actually physically lay hands on any wine or beer that passes through the cashier's lane, so that's saying something.

I moved here from California where they'll sell anything that doesn't move without any wriggle room at all in the law. They still have counties that won't let you carry a gun legally but you can certainly buy them everywhere.

How do such arcane and arrantly stupid laws remain on the books while the courts loftily overturn State laws on gayness and abortion and other words that weld people to their convictions about what is right and lawful? Even guns, ammo and concealed carry get a more reasoned and rational debate about why one state is allowed to set/make/enforce different laws than other states. Yeah, New York, I'm looking at you.

We have a day to reflect on the meaning of independence before heading back to work. It's certainly worth thinking about. You guys in Pennsylvania and New York might right a letter to your legislators and ask them why they are so stuck on stupid on these topics.

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