Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Almost twenty years ago I quit the Middle East and shifted to service in the Far East. Between tours in the Persian Gulf I would vacation for months at a time in the pre-Soviet collapse Europe. I was last engaged in such tourism before the integration of Germany and before the clouds of islamic immigrants made mockery of England, France, Belgium and Wales. I had a grand time riding the rails and touring the old cities of Europe from Mont St. Michelle to Blois and London and Amsterdam. I wouldn't go there again now but might be lured there in some future time.

The junior siblings have worked very hard all their lives and now both of them are abroad. My brother and his family are touring Rome and Italy again and my sister and her family are touring Greece again. I admit for not having much liking for either country but I think we can safely put that down to how I was treated in each country after my US Air Force transport crash landed in each back in 1989. It was a rough ride home from the Gulf and the worst parts were being on the ground in both Athens and Naples. I mean seriously, after the engine fire was extinguished and we crash landed at Bahrain we were at least put up in a 5 star hotel with a pool and not treated like the scum of the earth.

Oh well, some people are catastrophe tourists and like to look at the guts of declining civilizations. I prefer to see alt reality in the air conditioned prime world comfort of a REGAL theater. YMMV.

Far and Away the Best Way to View Alt.Reality

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