Friday, July 17, 2015


I have been overhearing conversation by talking heads about a possible Obama veto that would somehow be employed by him if a majority of the Senate voted no about whatever kind of surrender document he signed with Iran. I don't understand what these idiots are talking about. There's a bunch of them talking about it right now on the Diane Reims Show and each of them says that if the majority vote no then the President will simply override the will of the majority with a veto. They seem to think that he can do that safely because somehow, in this weird universe, if the Senate votes no and the President stamps it with a veto, it all adds up to yes. But it doesn't!

How the hell does that work? He can veto a bill but that only means one thing. It means the bill does not become a law. Is the Kerry surrender document a treaty which requires the consent of the Senate? It doesn't sound like it because they're talking about the House voting too and their advice and consent is neither sought nor required for Treaties which, when APPROVED by the Senate become the law of the land.

Have I gone mad? What are these people talking about?

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