Thursday, July 23, 2015


The ineptocrats are playing a game with us. They think that they hold the dominant position because, after all, they are the government. On the other hand, they're inept. Why is it that when the Chinese want data and information of ours they can simply hack the U.S. government and steal it? Why can't Americans hack all government computers and put all the files online for American citizens to access? It isn't theft because the information belongs to us. Even all that stuff about privacy and penalties is so much BS since you never ever see any government worker or contractor prosecuted for misplacing every scrap of personal information on 21 million Americans.

You see how one gradually comes around to Snowden's point of view. The inept bureaucrats with much to hide have taken hiding information to new depths. This morning I read an article in the Washington Post written by hack there who found no credible basis to question Trump's medical deferments during the Vietnam War but who thought it was very important to point out that questions were raised about his actual medical condition at the time. Questions nobody at the Post or NYT ever raised about any democrats running for office.

The Post hack was somewhat distressed that all of the information collected and collated by the Draft Boards was promptly destroyed when this country ended the practice of drafting its young men and sending them off to fight in Vietnam. The people responsible for gathering it all promptly destroyed it all. Kind of like every single document in Obama's lifetime paper trail. Transcripts? College Records? Law Review articles? You know, little things like his SSN from a state in which he never lived or worked.

Shall we play a game?

There are few choices:
-Hack our own computers
-global thermonuclear war
-nuke it from orbit
-expect the "most transparent administration in history" to comply with the law.

What is it about democrats that they have to make almost no effort to completely mask their past because their operatives with bylines won't even bother to look beyond the veil and would never dream of tearing down the curtain and exposing the wizard? They leap to make up dirt on rethuglicans and publish it even before vetting it but can't be bothered to research their pals.

At dinner tonight there were nine of us. One is too young to count but six of our company were shocked when I told them that the man they were belittling as stupid and a man with no chance at all of winning the party nomination was actually outpolling all 15 of his rivals in the GOP race and with 24% of the republican electorate, the clear leader with almost double the percentage of eligible voters backing the number 2 candidate.

I don't see what's so hard to understand about it. The real republicans are sick and tired of the fakers and I would have thought the fakers learned that when Cantors own voters repudiated the RINO House Majority Leader in the last election. Cantor and Boehner were content to slither on and let the democrats and progressives set the agenda. The rest of us are tired of them.


Captain Steve said...

Google "Ineptocracy Tee Shirt". I have mine, and have sent one gratis to my liberal sisters-in-law.

Family Feud. Yay!

HMS Defiant said...

I ordered 2.