Friday, July 10, 2015


One occasionally sees the girl avec purse. A slim, no nonsense looking thing that might contain cash but little else but most of us are more familiar with the purse of the essential bricks of life and the idea that one could, in a moment of life and depth, reach into said purse to pull out a no. Unless it was the giant .44 magnum, no way would you find it before being well ventilated.
De Caro’s presence threw the suspect, and Russell took advantage of the confusion by feigning a search for valuables in her purse. She then handed her purse to her husband, who pulled the gun out from it and was able to shoot and kill the alleged assailant, but not before being shot three times himself.
That guy was lucky he only got shot 3 to 5 times. My God! Have you seen inside a women's purse?


virgil xenophon said...

Yeah, guy's lucky to be alive. Why is it no matter how many specialized zipper compartments a purse has, everything always ends up in a jumble in the center?

Captain Steve said...

My wife, very early in our marriage, once asked me to find something in her purse for her. She never asked again.

HMS Defiant said...

A man's wallet is like the index file at the library while a woman's purse is the stacks at said library. It gets jumbled and needs refiling. It's karma. A man actually has to sit on his library which is a pain in the ass and his back while a handbag soon takes on the properties of a close combat weapon.

HMS Defiant said...

I still get that when the phone rings and I always figure, 'the damned thing is bleeping at me, surely I can find something like that'. Ha!