Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I'm on the airline roads and I had plenty of time to observe Fox News. I remember the old one from 10 years ago when I had it on in my office and the OPS office for the morning. We were still hard at war back then. Before that I lived in a place with cable of my choosing and Fox was available.

I watched for the first time in 4 years and decided it had turned into MSNBC.

I won't watch it again. Unlike the horrible BBC, it isn't news anymore.

It sucks and is among the most biased 'ne s ' I've ever seen and not in a good way.

You heard it here, "FOX NEWS SUCKS."


Captain Steve said...

But it has much better looking women than any of the alternatives.

HMS Defiant said...

Oh yeah. Smarter, beautiful and opinionated. Compare and contrast with msnbc, cnn or any of the networks.

Every 86 years or so I ask myself is it biased to be attracted and decide it will take further investigation and research. I'm looking for government grants for in depth research.

Captain Steve said...

I wanted to try hands on research but my wife won't let me.

HMS Defiant said...

You married a smart girl. :)