Sunday, July 26, 2015


This article describes a problem and offers a solution. It involves how Americans vote. Modern Americans were fluffed into buying complex voting machines that inexplicably cast votes for the democrats even if the voter had the damned nerve to vote rethuglican. It's an endless mystery why these machines never 'accidently' cast votes for republicans. Nobody knows why.

I have a modest proposal of my own. I agree that we should use only paper ballots. I think that each ballot should be a 3 x 5 index card and the voter can use both sides to 'write' the name and office for each office he is voting for and simply list any ballot propositions by their letter or number, leaving out those that he or she is not voting for.

It goes without saying that votes only count if the voter manages to spell the name of their candidate and the office properly. If they can't do something that simple, they don't deserve to be counted. To preclude outright massive fraud, the index cards would have embossed seals and be issued, one to each voter as they arrive at the polls.

Some might wonder at the war tag for this post. It's simple; if war is politics by other means, it follows that politics is war by other means.


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

I'm familiar with the original Modest Proposal and considerate to be a "masterpiece of irony."
This proposal is far from ironic.

HMS Defiant said...

Something needs to be done. I'm sick of hearing all these lame people who say there is no such thing as vote fraud. Cities are sued to death if they attempt to purge voter rolls of the people who no longer vote. We have districts that cast a grand total of 1 vote for the opposition party and others that cast no votes for the opposition party. There's always curmudgeons and the fools who can be guaranteed to get it wrong.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

Agreed... why is it, though. that the simple fixes are always deemed to be selective by the freakin' progressives?

HMS Defiant said...

All our courts have now come to resemble that of the famous nazi jurist who screamed at defendants who were holding their pants up because the SS had cut their belts and suspenders.