Saturday, July 4, 2015


Independence Day, not quite what it used to be but still well worth celebrating. I'll put up the flag and mow the yard so it looks good as my neighbors walk by on their way to the block party I'm sure we're having. (We reached the point where nobody bothers to announce these things anymore, they just happen 4 times a year on some sort of schedule known to the illuminati.)

I see that once again we are letting certain people recreate hell on earth. It's a good day to take a pause and consider the freedoms that this country once assumed were the common rights of mankind. It took a little refining but all the best ores require some refining.

As you celebrate today, try to imagine others of like mind who decide to take up arms and cast off the outmoded models that are so much the icons of our friends who still elect to see the good in people like Hillary Clinton or Jose Biden Fidel Castro, Ayatollah Khameni or even Bernie Sanders.

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