Tuesday, July 14, 2015


We didn't work at fine jobs but we worked to make money since that was our only choice if we wanted money. We had girl friends and cars that needed gasoline. After a full day of schooling we went to work in order to be free on the weekends to go and water ski or sail or take someone to the movie.

I have reached the age where one simply admires the young who work at those jobs.

We were not physicists or advance teams for the democratic party. We held the most humble jobs as forerunners to the future when we could get real jobs. We knew that. Unlike our peers, we did not think that that job was the bomb. I needed money to make the car go, the girls agreeable and je ne sais quoi. I was a janitor, a sailing instructor, marina operator, a dishwasher and a cook. That last one still frightens my daughter who claims I cannot cook.

I am amazed at my nephews and I have a bunch. They have never worked at all. Their parents give them money. One of the lot sent me an email today asking me to write a letter of endorsement for him to be an eagle scout. He specified that I should use my title and rank  and said I should be sure to mention that I was worthy.

I am tempted to sign it Osama bin Laden.

I probably won't.

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