Tuesday, June 11, 2024


 It says here that Elon Musk would have all iphones/idevices locked away in Faraday cages if Apple shifts its operating system to one based on openAI because that would present too great a security risk to be allowed to roam around in his facilities where they would be actively probing to learn more than would be allowed by prying into everything within reach. 

If I was in charge of the Faraday cages I would arrange to have the devices bathed in an environment teeming with juicy unverifiable and ridiculous stories so the AI would be left to bask in a full surround field of fantasy, myth, voodoo and legend. I'd make sure that CNN was playing in all the cages.

I also think I'd have to come up with something for my phone at home. I used to leave it in my car but that was way back when and it was just a flip phone and to be honest, I parked in my garage at home so I wasn't too worried about it. 

We are getting some experience with the Merlin Ap. For those who don't know, Merlin uses the Cornell bird call database and it listens very very hard using your phone's microphone for everything and it rapidly tells you what birds are calling in your neck of the woods. It's actually a very nice Ap. On the gripping hand, it gives you an idea for how 'well' and intently modern phone microphones are listening to you and everything else.

I remember back in the Cold War, one of the nice touches was an intercept capability so refined that it could detect the difference in charge levels made by striking different keys on a keyboard miles away. For an idea how to carry things like this to ridiculous extremes you are encouraged to read Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. A good book, highly recommended. 

I don't need an endless ear hanging on every word or sound in my house and filing it away in the deep electronic seas of Apple's data repositories. You probably don't either.


Anonymous said...

As I won't own anything made by Apple, I'm free of that threat, but I imagine that Windows/Android isn't any better.
--Tennessee Budd

Michael said...

Between smart tv's (Orwell's Telescreen), 4G+ Cellphones (eye of Saron we carry daily) making everyone an unwitting supporter of Stasi level intelligence, smart appliances, smart power meters (once touted for detecting pot grow houses) RING doorbells, driving apps that tell them how you drive and OnStar (and others) proven to give the police the ability to turn off your car and all that Connivence...

Oh, then add in the actual spy gear, license plate readers to track vehicles in real time, "Cloud" linked surveillance cameras every freaking where including inside Dollar stores and Walmart.

No wonder the NSA needs multiple super computers to handle all that data traffic.

I laugh when internet "experts" tell us Signal is secure (add in all the others once thought so). Internet security is computer power vs the security.

Who owns or is in "Partnership" with every supercomputer and tech company in the USA?

Electronic serfdom. Their weakness is in the name.