Monday, June 24, 2024


 It must be hard to accept that something you gave years of your life to is little more than very polished and near infinitely kinetic orbiting scrap. Not helped by the fact that it’s in a decaying orbit sharing space with a lot of other orbiting scrap.

It has been a very long time since NASA’s human flight group have given us anything to cheer about. I wish they had detoxed the Agency after their Shuttle debacle but they did not and the same kind of enterprising minds called the shot to launch a trouble plagued system again. It didn’t have to be this way and everyone familiar with SpaceX knows it. When SpaceX put people into a spacecraft and launch them it will be only after they are satisfied that all the bugs and troubling issues have been resolved and flight tested. Somehow NASA, Boeing and ULA lost sight of that. 


Michael said...

So much for made in America space craft, solid US Dollars and a Military that is getting defeated by men in sandals.

As a history buff I never wanted to see the Weimar Republic fall as a German in 1939, but here we are despite Aesop's we will DEFEAT those Russkies BS.

Got trusted friends, far more valued than money in the bank when things go weird(er).

Anonymous said...

Michael, don't forget also that the Navy in which I once proudly served has been chased away by the same sandal-wearers.
The Houthis don't even have an actual navy, but they made an aircraft carrier depart the area, having suffered damage.
--Tennessee Budd

Tom said...

Sandals are leather.Flip flops are plastic. My understanding is Elon launched 60 rockets last year. Lockheed / Boeing 4. Bring on the F-15’s.

Anonymous said...

Tom Elon is from South Africa and not under the direction of our Clown World

He would move his business to any country that gave him a better deal.


Tom said...

I worked for Lockheed for 44 years and I worked with Boeing for 15 years, Everything is process and slow..No vision, no results. Respectfully Tom

Rick T said...

I worked on the Space Station the first 10 years of my professional life: I worked on Work Package 4 (labs) during the summer of 85 at GE and then spent 9 years at Rocketdyne working on the Power System (WP3).

I feel your pain but we always expected Space Space Freedom to have to come down someday, parts are getting to be just worn out. We talked a bit about deorbiting a solar array once they degraded enough to be replaced. LEO is a much more hostile environment than we realize between the thermal cycling, intense sunlight, radiation, and micrometeorite impacts.

We aren't living in City of A Thousand Planets where the Space Station got expanded forever then yeeted into an intergalactic orbit.

HMS Defiant said...

My office in San Diego was up in the mezzanine loft over the production floor used by a handful of ULA welders that made the fuel tanks for missiles. There were stationary jigs throughout the hangar and the dozen or so welders and techs would move the metal from one to the next, work on it and then assemble them and push them out the door. It was always slow steady work and was probably the last remnant of USAF Plant 19.
I would love to get a tour of SpaceX production and test facilities.