Tuesday, July 16, 2019


He nailed it. The names he mentions are the only ones the media notices and they love them. I can only see a handful in the south or midwest voting for democrats for another generation. The democrat and 'progressives' love for antifa and the rest of the hate crime in this country pretty much poisoned the well.

I'd say too bad but then, I don't like them, I don't like their policy, I don't like their economic suicide plans and I just don't much care for them personally. It says just about everything about a culture when the most rabid losers all swarm into cities built by other people, take them over, run them into the ground, steal the pensions of the city workers and then leave town claiming victory and run for President.

What I like about this president as with Reagan is the glib and intelligent way they can speak candidly on a dime. I think obama went 3 or 4 years without holding a single press conference because he is about as smart as a brick. Trump wades into them, levies broadsides, strolls out of them and we have such a polluted media culture that all they can do is carp about what he didn't say.


Brig said...

I'm in full agreement with you.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

As am I!
Alas, because of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN is lost to the Democrats.

capt fast said...

I had been reading some of the commentary(not their media) coming out of Norway(of all places) on how they have effectively dealt with their versions of "antifa" some years ago. quite interesting. Not that they took them down to the fjord for a swim, though many may have had the desire, but used instead existing laws and "laughing" at them. interesting reads. with our media and the proclivity of our socialist politicians and judges to "look the other way", I believe we would not be able to emulate their success.

HMS Defiant said...

About a week after my little sister and her family moved to Oslo, they had the thing. Anders Behring Breivik blew up some government office and then went out to where the little socialists were all learning how to be communists and steal everything and he shot an awful lot of them.

What Norwegians got was a very sudden and deadly wake up call. We got one almost exactly like it on 9/11.

You really have to keep your boot on the neck of the crazy ones.

Crazy doesn't neccessarily mean that they're wrong. You have to know history. Quite a few people are still out of sorts that MacArther didn't push the war crimes trials in Japan after the win. I think only a tiny handful remember today that we firebombed Tokyo and other places and nuked 2 cities where we basically did what the bad guys did but on a massive scale. I would have found it a little tough to sit on any Court in judgement in spite of the crimes they did.

Mike_C said...

I'm not sure that war crimes trials would have been the best thing to do in post-war Japan, but that said, I would not have found it tough. We did not run a Unit 731. Firebombing (or nuking for that matter) or not, we did not rape, torture, and murder civilians on a grand scale in the cities we destroyed. We did not Bataan Death March our POWs.

So although we were hardly Simon-pure, I do not see any sort of moral equivalence between the leadership of WW2-era US (much as I despise FDR) and that of Imperial Japan.

HMS Defiant said...

I think the differences kind of faded away. When you say we didn't rape, torture, murder this is true. Most of the guys that did that to died and most of the other ones came home to Japan to find that we'd taken care of that. We did it to Germany but we really did it to Japan.

I lost a daughter to lawfare 12 years ago. I think I kind of understand the punishment the survivors went through when they finally made it home only to find that we'd bombed and incinerated their cities. All of them.

capt fast said...

As I read the histories, see the "film" and hear the testimony of the survivors of the Asia and pacific war, I conclude that it was very close to what we called "total war"-an eradication of an enemies base of supply of material, troops, morale, and homeland that would make the Roman treatment of Carthage look positively benign. Certain of the Japanese leadership, civil and military, did get tried for war crimes; some lower level leaders sadly were not and I am talking about Unit 731 in particular. Post WW2 political expediency is an embarrassing fact of life across many national boundaries and political divisions. I have never felt that the German People paid as high a price as the Japanese People paid and that neither Peoples paid enough of a price for following their leaders into such an abattoir of "peace through other means". I spent part of my childhood in Bavaria after WW2. The realities of war on the continent were still very visible in the land and the people. The hysteria over whether the catastrophe for the people of Europe and Russia really occurred is, for me at least overshadowed by the utterly wanton slaughter practiced by the Japanese in Asia-80,000,000 Chinese dead and only known to God how many others-by a people who in their hearts think that saying "sorry, my bad" will make it all better today. China's rulers have an institutional memory that will not go away and they would love for Japan to come to proper terms with them. China is busy isolating Japan from the rest of Asia and is working to isolate Japan from the rest of the world. but enough of that.
I just read President Trump's message about Rep. Omar going to Somalia and fixing the place and then come tell us how to do it. He never did say she should just go back where she came from. There is a thought in that. Damn shame the media missed it and concentrated on "hate Trump" in all things. But then, whats new?

HMS Defiant said...

Oddly enough, my older sister and I were born in Bavaria. I mentioned this at a dinner party with our hosts considerably older than me and the hostess was shocked. I had to explain that I was a child of the US Army of Occupation still in Bavaria 14 years after the war at which point we became friends again. I don't think her family made it out before the dark. My host made it as a lad to London for the Blitz with his parents but likewise, I don't think many of his family made it out either.

After writing that I am struck by what Halsey said after Pearl Harbor and I think he was sincere. When we are done Japanese will be a language only spoken in Hell. We were not left to ourselves to wage genocide, thank God. I had to stop for a second and then had a thought, what would a book written about the repopulation of Japan after the war look like? I imagine Chinese or Korean but interesting idea.

Unit 731 should have been exterminated and every person who knew about it but without trial. No need to drag all the panoply of the law into a simple matter like getting rid of them but then the undermen came and...

China is like what Egypt was a couple thousand years ago. They're willing to play the long game and from the replacement rates for Japanese women having children, in about 59 years Japan will have depopulated itself unless they get another Togo.

capt fast said...

what do you see a a result of the long simmering desire of the Chinese to regain Siberia? Numbers of Russian troops on the frontier is still huge. I think the Chinese are content to wait a bit until the criminals running Russia grow bored and just leave or perhaps the Chinese will just start taking very small bites. I see right now they are busy doing a bit of social engineering with the uyghurs peoples in a manner similar to Stalin.
I have heard and read that war crimes trials are never about justice; just establishing what happened for future histories. slitting throats of those who deserve throat slitting is a benefit not often applied.
speaking of throats needing slitting, I hear USDOJ is starting executions again. doing them behind a curtain is a fail. If done in the name of the people, have the courage to do it in the public eye. you don't have to watch, but you should.

HMS Defiant said...

I would agree with the nibble strategy but Mao tried that and it really boils down to
sneaking across the Amur. I wouldn't be surprised if every single tank Russia ever had that isn't in front line service anymore is hull down on the other side of the river with really good overhead protection although I don't the chinese have SADARM but they probably have Hellfire which they stole from us. I'd have to be an intel geek to know what kind of killer air defense the Russians have planted along the frontier but with ranges over 200 miles it should be fairly safe from most attacks and the Russians know all about ARMs so I'm sure they have reduntant radars. The problems are many but the Russians are running out of Russians and there is no shortage of Chinese. If there was a crossing I suspect it would be an all out bid to reach a phase line or objecte and then stop to 'negotiate' before Putin sends an ICBM to Shanghai. I'd say Peking but he has to be able to negotiate with someone who can sense the inevitability of nuclear war if the Chinese don't pull back.
I think the Japanese will do much the same thing come the day. Do I think the Japanese have nukes? Hell yeah!

HMS Defiant said...

My God, if the snowflakes are triggered into hysteria by a mural of George Washington crossing a river they'd just die in droves if somebody told them CNN is showing the executions live. Maybe we should tell them that anyway even if it isn't true..... hmmmm.