Monday, July 29, 2019


I remember reading several articles about the New York City schools and their complete inability to fire any teachers because of their union contracts which essentially forbade the administration from firing any teacher for any crime short of murder and even then, it probably had to be murder with exceptional circumstances. As a result the city school administrators turned up with the idea of rubber rooms where worthless and useless teachers were sent everyday for the full duration of the school day and where they had zero interaction with children. They couldn't be fired but they could be corralled, contained and kept from doing any more harm.

With President President Trump firing the National Director of Intelligence, I see the possibility of just such rubber rooms coming into effect in the various organs of national intelligence at every agency under the NDI ranging from the NSA to the CIA and who knows, maybe even to the State Department's little intel cell.

As many of you know, it is just about impossible to fire any civil servant unless they're found guilty of murder and even there I think there are still civil servants in jail that are still drawing their full pay and allowances. If I was the new NDI I would take all the useless, lying, conniving, scheming dirty rats and give them an ultimatum. It might run along the lines of, "produce every document you have worked on for the last 5 years, turn over your undamaged cell phones, laptops, computer drives and any other electronic media you have used during that time and include all your text messages and email files including the ones you don't think I know about. You have until next Monday. If they're not on my desk by next Monday, you will be relieved of your duties and the civil service will start processing you for termination."

The termination process takes months to years so while that's dragging on they are entitled to their full salary and allowances but there's no reason to keep such talent idling in Washington, DC while they await their fate so I'd order them to our embassy in Tripoli to assist the staff there with threat assessments while they wait for the decision of the civil service. I'm sure they'd be welcomed with open arms by the staff. It could be just like that wonderful story about wikileaks founder Julian Assange who spent 5 years living in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.

As a matter of fact, anybody involved in hiring those thieving clowns who stole all that data should probably be sent to Libya to 'serve' while they await termination from the civil service and with them should also go all the people involved in covering up the theft and the OPM clowns that signed off on their security clearances.

Voila! A start on draining the swamp.


capt fast said...

I believe it would be more useful to use these people to field test various milspec survival gear under actual stressful survival conditions-with out cameras present-and hopefully, these would be the folks who were involved in the design and procurement of said equipment. wouldn't be required for the tests to be carried out until the test subject succumbed to the elements(as much as those of us who is the course of our duties found it necessary to utilize said equipment might desire it).
But the Libyan people don't deserve this level of punishment. I see the Peoples democratic republic of Korea and Somalia as somewhat more deserving of their attentions.

HMS Defiant said...

Well we usually try to acclimatize our guys before moving them into the red zones so I think we can start them off in Tripoli and then after a month or two, move them to Eritrea, Somalia, Mali, northern Nigeria and Western Sahara.
Alt 2. They could serve as the core nucleus of the new and newly expanded embassy staff in Havana. Who cares if their brains get damaged by their friends in Cuba.

capt fast said...

excellent thought! I actually hadn't thought of an assignment in Cuba in that light. Well done!
shows how short the memory is getting.

virgil xenophon said...

When I become El Cid the first thing I'm going to do is appoint both of you as my trusty Lieutenants to carry out my rule.. :)