Tuesday, July 30, 2019


I came across New York Post item while reading a different story about conman Al Sharpton. I hadn't seen any reference to it elsewhere. Thugs basically dumped buckets of water on the heads of police officers in New York City as they arrested one person and while they were walking away and the usual diversity crowd was there to jeer and scream abuse.

The images/movie look very bad and anybody who watches it must wonder to themselves, 'why would I call these usual clowns that cannot even protect themselves?' "What would they be able to do for me even if I did call for them?"


Murphy(AZ) said...

Sadly, these officers have nowhere to turn. if they react, they're accused of being "racists." They get no support from their supervisors or the local politicians, they will be set upon by all sorts of legal woes in the form of lawsuits or even criminal charges. They tolerate this shit because they love their job.

Note where these attacks are happening. Note who are committing these crimes. Note the political leadership and climate these officers have to deal with. Demo-Socialists created this disease and they are the ones who allow it to fester and spread.

Solution? New laws won't help; it's already illegal to assault ANYONE, be it with a gun, knife, or bottle of water. Enforce the laws we have, punish the people who break these laws, and tell the world that this crap will no longer be tolerated.

Support the police for doing a job that most of the rest of us could never do. I fear that if we allow this trend to grow, we are going to find out what it's like to live in these crime infested, rat infested, disease infested, models of Democrat utopia.

The police will not take this for very much longer. There will either be a sudden epidemic of Blue Flu, or they will simple walk away and sell their talents to safer, more respectful, jurisdictions.

capt fast said...

I doubt there is even enough ammo on the east coast to feed the mini-gun its thirty caliber diet if some of those LEOs were given a free hand to deal with the twits-who need a you know what-in a manner not soon forgotten.
first rule in establishing authoritarian discipline is to instill a certain fear of failure to comply with regulations and lawful orders. once that is done, then self discipline will surely follow. when that is not the case, minigun. Or as we are wont to say, "M-67; when screw you just doesn't cover it well enough".

HMS Defiant said...

I'm amazed they're taking it now. It's obvious though that law and order have broken down where this is allowed to go unchallenged. Talk about broken.

HMS Defiant said...

If the mayors and commissioners tried to come up with a strategy better designed to break down law and order and respect for the law, they couldn't beat this strategy.